How To Deal With Windows And Network-Related Problems (Part 1)

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I accidentally erased latest emails. I removed Achieves folder of Mozilla Thunderbird without noticing that this would also delete inbox messages. Is there any way I can restore things all?

It is possible to find you messages back after such an incident.

Firstly, check Deleted folder. It works like Windows Recycle Bin does, in a way which you are able to gain access to any accidentally deleted folders by dragging them to inbox. There may be more than one Deleted folder, depending on how your email was configured. You can have more than one Deleted folder in local drive and another one on email’s server. Check both.

If you had deleted, you will still be able to search some or all messages as well as you haven’t compressed mail base. Although Thunderbird automatically compresses database in some cases, it’s worth a try.

Before doing that, it must be noted that the service provider might have backed up messages if you emails were hosted by the server. Let’s check it out. If your backups are not available, you will have to restore your data by yourself.

Open Account Settings and choose the account whose messages were erased. Now, choose Server Settings and look for Local folder in bottom-right corner.

There, the folder will contain your messages. In case you don’t find it, open Windows Explorer dialog box and press Alt to show the menu, then choose Tools, Folder Options and View tab. Activate “Show hidden files, folders and drives”.

With visible folders, search through its contents to find Inbox file. You may encounter a file named Inbox.msf, but we want the file named Inbox. Windows may have been configured to hide the file’s extension, making these files look alike. You can find the correct file by right-clicking each file then select Properties; the one which have File, instead of MSF File, in “Type of file” field is the correct.

Close Thunderbird and create a backup copy of Inbox file. This is very important: you will need to edit the file to restore original messages, which increases the chance of damaging data. In case you make a mistake, you will have to restore original files.

Next, open Inbox file in document-editing program. Windows Notepad is probably unable to deal with such a large file like Inbox. Instead, you can try 30-day trial version of UltraEdit (available at No matter which program you use, remember that a great amount of data takes time to open.

Find one lost message by using “Find and replace” feature. This would be easier once you know the sender. Email’s title starts with “X-Mozilla:Status”, followed by some numbers. Change these numbers to 0000, save your Inbox file, and the message will be marked as unread in the next time when Thunderbird is run. Follow these steps for each message you want to restore.

In case you make any mistake or the data is damaged, you can overwrite Inbox file by the last backup then restart.

Restore emails

Restore emails

Duplicated icons in Taskbar

For quick access, an icon of Mozilla Thunderbird was pinned into my Windows 7 Home Premium taskbar. After a recent update, clicking on this icon linked to the second Thunderbird icon, but it disappears when I closed the program. I tried removing and adding the icon again but there still were two icons popping up. How can I make things neater?

This can be fixed easily. Thunderbird’s origin version installed on your PC has a different name from the version that has been updated recently. Windows didn’t treat them as one, resulting in that you had 2 Thunderbird icons.

Execute Thunderbird by using the origin icon on Taskbar. Right-click on the second icon then select “Pin this program to taskbar”. Next, right-click origin Thunderbird icon, then choose “Unpin this program from taskbar”. You will find only one Thunderbird icon presenting in the next time when you execute mailing program.

Duplicated icons in taskbar

Duplicated icons in taskbar

Home or public network

My Windows network was configured as home network which I thought to be safe than public network. I thought my network would be hidden but I could see other networks along with mine. Was this risky?

We could know why you thought public network was not as safe as home network, but it is really a different way. Different types of network are designed to match the place where you use PC, instead of being for all. Public network provides bigger protection than home network when you are outside. In fact, it is the safest configuration you can use.

Home network configuration is only used when the PC is in safe zone of private home and you want to communicate with other PCs as well as the Internet.

Don’t worry about Work network. It is similar to Home network, but designed for business environment.

If you are at home and strange PCs appear in your network, make sure that WPA encryption is activated on your router. As an alternative security method, you may change the password.

It’s possible that other PCs seen nearby are wireless networks. Commonly, some PCs are in range, especially in crowded areas. They cause no harm, indeed.

Home network or Public network

Home network or Public network


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