Best New App-Ons – August 2013

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This fortnight’s 10 most useful tools for your browser


1.    Modern New Tab Page

This add-on makes your New Tab page look like Windows 8, with big colorful tiles that give you one one-click access to popular websites and apps. Click the pencil icon in the corner of a tile to choose a different site to display. You can also change the color and size of the tiles.

Modern New Tab Page

2.    My Map Free

My Map Free creates a graphical rendition of your browsing history by turning it into a map of connected websites and keywords. Click a site to view the terms you've searched for there, and click a word to see matching pages. You can set the number of days and entries to include on the map.

3.    Silencer

If you're tired of seeing the same words, phrases and names on Facebook and Twitter, you can use this add-on to hide them. Just enter the term you want to block and click Mute. Silencer also offers options to block spoilers for TV shows such as Game of Thrones.


4.    Password Peek

When you make a mistake entering a password, you usually have to delete and retype the whole thing because you can't see the characters you've typed. This add-on places a Peek button below the login fields, which you can click to reveal the characters you've already entered, so you don't need to start all over again.

Password Peek


5.    YouTube Smart Pause

This add-on pauses YouTube videos when you switch to another tab or minimize the window, then resumes playback when you return. You can set up a time delay, so videos only stop for a set period, and show a Pause icon on the YouTube tab.

YouTube Smart Pause

6.    The Puzzle Piece

The Puzzle Piece provides a replacement to Firefox’s Add-on Bar that you can display when and where you choose. Go into the add-on’s Options to set a shortcut that hides and un-hides the bar, and choose whether to place it in the address bar or in the bottom-right corner.

Add-ons Puzzle Piece

7.    Easy Access

This add-on gives you one-click access to several Windows tools from within Firefox. These include Notepad, Calculator and My Computer. If you select Manage Your Easy Access, then ‘Customize your quick launch’, you can choose which programs appear in the menu.

Easy Access 1.0.1

8.    Seamless Print

Speed up your printing by installing this add-on, which lets you bypass the Print box to send documents straight to your printer. You can turn Seamless Print on and off by clicking its toolbar icon, then press Ctrl+P to print using your default Page Setup and Print settings.

Seamless Print


9.    Screen Sizer

This add-on saves you the hassle of resizing your browser window manually. Screen Sizer offers 20 preset options that change your view with a single click. These are helpfully organized into ratios such as 16:9 and 4:3, so you can choose whether to go wider or taller.

10.  Google Classic

Google recently changed its search-results page by placing the search filters at the top rather than on the left. If you preferred them as they were, this add-on will restore them, as well as removing adverts and pictures from your search results.

Google Classic

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