Compact System Cams - Hotshots (Part 3) : Canon EOS M

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Canon EOS M: $882

Canon’s debut compact system cam shoots! It scores!

Canon has taken its own sweet time in joining the fray, but the EOS M is worth the wait. With styling that apes the PowerShot range of compacts rather than a DSLR, it offers an approachably familiar control layout for anyone upgrading. It handles well too, with construction that pulls off the trick of feeling both lightweight and built to last.

Canon EOS M

Canon EOS M

Also in its favor is the fact that this is the most compact camera in its class to feature a larger-than-average 18-megapixel APS-C sensor, delivering the image quality of a DSLR. Using the 18-55mm kit lens we were very impressed with the razor-sharp and color-rich pictures. Output is also consistent from shot to shot. That said, autofocus could do with being faster, especially if you are not fond of manual.

Full-HD video shoots at 25fps and it’s easy to quickly begin recording using the mode dial. More creative features can be found squirreled away within menu screens, accessed via the three-inch touch LCD.

The other main selling point, and a major point in Canon’s favor, is the 70-strong EOS range of lenses that are compatible with the EOS M via the EF-EOS M adaptor. That’s some serious versatility.

There are certain aspects of the EOS M we’re not so crazy about. For starters there’s the handgrip, which has been reduced to a narrow strip at the front, making the lack of in-body stabilization more problematic, especially if you’ve attached a bulkier lens via the adaptor. The battery life of 230 shots also falls short of the 300+ pics rivals achieve.

Using the 18-55mm kit lens we were very impressed with the razor-sharp and color-rich pictures

Using the 18-55mm kit lens we were very impressed with the razor-sharp and color-rich pictures

Despite that, for existing Canon users looking for a smaller alternative, this is a must. It lacks some of the more innovative features on test, but wins out with always-reliable shots. Quality


1.    Screen: The touchscreen’s menus contain a treasure trove of creative camera settings

2.    Controls: Approachable control layout mirrors Canon’s PowerShot compacts

3.    Video: Record full-HD with stereo mics for decent audio

4.    Kit lens: A capable 18-55mm lens with stabilized zoom



Accessorize: Canon EF-M and EF lenses

There are currently only two EF-M compact lenses, the kit lens bundled, plus a 22mm pancake lens. However, attach the EF-EOS M adaptor ($132.5) and you can use Canon’s 70+ EF series lenses designed for DSLRs.

The verdict

Love: Large sensor delivers superb pics. Lightweight yet solid build. Wealth of compatible lenses

Hate: No handgrip. No viewfinder. No Wi-Fi connectivity. No built-in flash. AF speed

T3 Says: Canon’s first compact system cam is a winner, delivering A-grade photographic results

Rating: 4/5

Canon EOS M Specifications

·         Sensor: 18-megapixel 22.3x14.9mm CMOS

·         Video: 1920x1080 at 25fps kit

·         Lens: 18-55mm lens

·         Lens mount: EF-M screen 3-inch touchscreen, 1040k-dot LCD

·         Formats: JPEG, RAW, RAW+JPEG

·         ISO range: 100-12,800

·         Battery life: 230 shots

·         Dimensions: Height: 66mm; Width: 108mm; Depth: 32mm; Weight: 298g

Reasons: Why the Canon EOS M is our test winner…

1.    The same CMOS sensor used in Canon’s EOS DSLRs means image quality well above average.

2.    Add the EF-EOS M mount adaptor (costs extra) for a massive range of lenses.

3.    A three-inch touchscreen makes operation simple, with easily accessible menus and settings.

4.    One of the most compact interchangeable lens cameras and one of the lightest at just 298g.

5.    Clip-on flash is provided, but ISO can be bumped up to 25,600 for flashness low-light shooting.

6.    Compatible with Canon’s Speedlite flashguns via the hot shoe.

7.    Stainless steel and magnesium alloy build is super durable.

8.    1080p video can be captured at up to 30fps for up to half an hour.

9.    Switch off and the EOS M performs an automatic sensor cleansing, so dust will never affect the quality of your shots.

Focus: Bijou bags for your compact system cam

Case logic CHC-1

Holster-style neoprene case with quick access top flap plus soft innards for protection. Internal pouch stores lens cap. $21

Lowepro Streamline 100

Fitted bag for compact cams with a 14 - 45 mm lens. Also has space for another lens and zippered pockets for personal IDs. $34.5

Manfrotto Stile Nano VII

Italian-made pouch for your smaller compact system cam, replete with water-repellent coating.  $16.5

Think tank retrospective 5

An understated messenger bag that can house a system cam plus three to six lenses.  $133.5

Final word: Get the full picture…

It took a surprisingly long time for Canon to jump on the compact system cam bandwagon but the EOS M, is worth the wait. Picture quality is excellent, matching a large DSLR-like sensor with a pocket able body.

Sony’s NEX-6 is also a strong contender, packing some of the most advanced tech on test including built-in Wi-Fi. Pictures look good too, but the price is maybe that bit too high.

The best looking camera here, Fujifilm’s X-E1, isn’t cheap either. It also delivers DSLR-like image quality, but is as costly as, and only slightly less chunky than a DSLR.

If your budget is limited, the Olympus E-PL5 is a solid entry-level option. Olympus knows how to offer good quality at a decent price.

Nikon’s 1 V2, however, is disappointing. It’s got a smaller sensor than the other models on test. Pair that with the V2’s hefty chassis and you have a CSC that has neither pro-quality images nor portability to recommend it

Spec shot

Make and Model: Sony NEX-6

·         Price: $882

·         Website:

·         Sensor: 16.1-megapixel, 23.5x15.6mm APS-C CMOS

·         Video: 1920x1080 at 50fps

·         Lens: 16-50mm

·         Lens type: Sony E-mount

·         Stills capture: JPEG, RAW, JPEG+RAW

·         Screen: 3-inch LCD

·         ISO range: 100-25,600

·         Battery life: 360 shots

·         Size and weight: 67x120x43mm/287g

·         Love: Good image quality. Motorized Power Zoom makes for smooth video. Wi-Fi connectivity

·         Hate: Surprisingly conservative look. Results not as good as Canon’s EOS M

·         T3 says: Turned out to be the most comprehensively featured CSC you can buy

·         Rating: 4/5

Make and Model: Fujifilm X-E1

·         Price: $1,589

·         Website:

·         Sensor: 16.3-megapixel, 23.6x15.6mm APS-C X-Trans CMOS

·         Video: 1920x1080 at 24fps

·         Lens: 18-55mm

·         Lens type: X-mount

·         Stills capture: JPEG, Raw, Raw + JPEG

·         Screen: 2.8-inch LCD

·         ISO range: 100-25,600

·         Battery life: 350 shots

·         Size and weight: 75x129x38mm/350g

·         Love: DSLR-like image results. Rangefinder-style design. Viewfinder and built-in flash

·         Hate: Expensive. Least compact camera on test. Autofocus could be quicker

·         T3 says: The X-E1 has a lot in common with a DSLR: great shots, big body, high price

·         Rating: 4/5

Make and Model: Nikon 1 V2

·         Price: $TBC

·         Website:

·         Sensor: 14.2-megapixel, 13.2x8.8mm CX CMOS

·         Video: 1920x1080 at 30fps or 60fps

·         Lens: 10-30mm

·         Lens type: Nikon 1

·         Stills capture: JPEG, Raw

·         Screen: 3-inch LCD

·         ISO range: 160-6,400

·         Battery life: 310 shots

·         Size and weight: 108x82x46mm/338g with

·         Love: Can be used with Nikon’s lenses, via FT1 adaptor. Built-in flash and viewfinder

·         Hate: Smaller sensor. Image quality not much better than a compact

·         T3 says: Nikon’s V2 looks the part, but image quality falls well below expectations

·         Rating: 3/5

Make and Model: Olympus E-PL5

·         Price: $794.25

·         Website:

·         Sensor: 16.3-megapixel Four Thirds CMOS

·         Video: 1920x1080 at 30fps

·         Lens: 14-42mm

·         Lens type: Micro Four Thirds

·         Stills capture: JPEG, Raw, JPEG+Raw

·         Screen: 3-inch touchscreen

·         ISO range: 200-25,600

·         Battery life: 360 shots

·         Size and weight: 110x63x38mm/325g

·         Love: Anti-shake built into the camera body. Speedy autofocus. Bundled flash and Wi-Fi card. Good battery life

·         Hate: Fiddly button controls. No built-in flash

·         T3 says: A great entry-level compact system cam with flash and Wi-Fi included

·         Rating: 4/5

Make and Model: Canon EOS M

·         Price: $882

·         Website:

·         Sensor: 18-megapixel 22.3x14.9mm CMOS

·         Video: 1920x1080 at 25fps

·         Lens: 18-55mm

·         Lens type: EF-mount

·         Stills capture: JPEG, Raw, JPEG + Raw

·         Screen: 3-inch touchscreen

·         ISO range: 100-12,800

·         Battery life: 230 shots

·         Size and weight: 66x108x32mm/298g

·         Love: Large sensor. Superb shots. Lightweight yet solid build. Wealth of compatible lenses

·         Hate: No handgrip. No viewfinder. No Wi-Fi connectivity. No built-in flash

·         T3 says: Canon’s first compact system is a winner delivering A-grade photographic results

·         Rating: 4/5


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