Choosing The Right Parts For Your Build (Part 2) - Choosing the right motherboard
Choosing The Right Parts For Your Build (Part 2) - Choosing the right motherboardOnce you’ve chosen the processor that’s right for your new build, you need to pick a motherboard that’s appropriate for your requirements. A huge variety ...
-  Linux: Why The Dell Not?
-  Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse - Windows 8-Friendly Four-Way Scrolling Anywhere
Accessing Silverlight Content with JavaScript
Accessing Silverlight Content with JavaScriptTo access Silverlight content embedded on a page, you first need to access the Silverlight plug-in. There are two ways to retrieve this information: access ...
-  Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 : Working with Multimedia and Online Tools - Exploring CS Live Services
-  Google Search - The Quickest Way To Search
These Four Kings The Top Small Tablets Available
These Four Kings The Top Small Tablets AvailableWhile there is no shortage of 9.7” to 10.1” tablets from which to choose, with Apple’s vaunted iPad still reigning supreme, over the year or so another tablet category has been quickly gaining prominence – the 7”-8” device.
-  Java Mobile Edition Security : Permissions and User Controls
-  Nokia Lumia 610 - Shines Out Of Low Segment
-  Apple iPhone 5 - Fails To Return To The Top (Part 1)
-  Beyond 4.2 – Extra Features In CyanogenMod
Top 10 Televisions – Jan 2013
Top 10 Televisions – Jan 2013Panasonic is best known for its plasma sets, but this LED set is worth a gander. You get fairly basic menus, but Viera Connect is excellent and the free FID digital tuner gives you stunning 3D (where available). It just lacks a smidgeon of detail and ...
-  Fine Tuning RAW Images
-  Sondek LP 12 - The One And Only (Part 2)
-  Beginer's Guide To Sports Photography (Part 1)
-  Tracker Nation (Part 2)
Crucial M500 480GB SSD - A Fast Enough SSD With A Big Capacity At A Competitive Price
Crucial M500 480GB SSD - A Fast Enough SSD With A Big Capacity At A Competitive PriceCrucial doesn't normally make the quickest SSD drives. That crown wanders between Samsung, IBM and OCZ, and occasionally others. But what it generally does do is make drives that are fast enough, but also priced for a wider audience. That's what made ...
-  Exploring the T-SQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2005 : Ranking Functions
-  SQL Server : Implementing One-Way Encryption (part 1) - Create the Primary Hash Column,Create a Secondary Hash Column for Searching
-  SQL Server 2008 : Transact-SQL Programming - PIVOT and UNPIVOT
-  SQL Server 2012 : Storage Systems (part 6) - Measuring Performance - Sequential Disk Access, File Layout, Flash Storage
Computing Yourself Fit (Part 2)
Computing Yourself Fit (Part 2)Obviously, you can’t take the PC with you while you’re exercising, unless it’s a very small one. And even if it is transportable, jogging while using a screen sounds like a recipe for an A&E visit, or worse.
-  Apple may soon have a new competitor
-  Exchange Server 2010 : Meet Message Retention Compliance (part 2) - Archive Email
-  LINQ to Objects : How to Join with Data in Another Sequence (part 7)
-  Programming .NET Compact Framework 3.5 : Creating Graphical Output - Drawing on the Display Screen
Thinking about Security
Thinking about SecurityDoes Windows Vista change something fundamental about information security? This book has 14 chapters covering all things new in Windows Vista. It discusses all the things that make propeller hats spin. Yet these are just new features. Fundamentally, Windows Vista has not changed the information security landscape.
-  Keeping Safe Yourdevices And Data From Anywhere
-  Working with Access and Connectivity Policies in Vista
-  Programming .NET Security : Symmetric Encryption Explained (part 3)
-  Ultimate Security Suites Showdown (Part 4)
-  Windows 8 : Managing BitLocker and other policy-based mobility tools (part 3) - Managing BitLocker at the command line
-  .NET Security : Programming the Event Log Service (part 1) - Querying the Event Log System, Using Event Sources