Tag The Location Of Your Photographs

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How to use the JOBO photoGPS to pinpoint your pictures on a map

What you’ll need…

·         Geotagging gadget

·         Digital camera

We used…

·         JOBO photoGPS

·         Olympus PEN E-PL3

You could try…

·         Location apps

·         Geotagging software

What you’ll learn…

How to use a GPS device to tag shots

Description: Tag the location of your photographs

Tag the location of your photographs

Geotagging devices are a must for any travelling photographer’s kit bag. They solve the problem of wondering where in the world you took a photo by tagging in image using GPS (Global Positioning System). This means that as well as recording the time and date, you can also note the latitude and longitude coordinates.

There are more laborious methods to do this, such as using downloadable software or entering the information manually, but the photoGPS from JOBO is a nifty little tool that does the job for you. It’s a unit that you mount onto your camera’s hotshoe that captures the geo-data of each picture when you press the shutter. Some cameras have GPS built-in, but for those that don’t this gadget is a good investment. The software included even places your images on a virtual map so you can plot your travels.

3 of the best…

Geotagging apps for your iPhone

Geotag Photos Pro


This app works like a GPD data logger and records your locations throughout your trip.

Description: Geotag Photos Pro

Geotag Photos Pro



GeoCorder claims to be the only app that combines a recorder, a tracker and a map in one multitasking package.

Description: GeoCorder




gps4cam cleverly allows you to tag your digital camera photos by taking a shot of a barcade generated by the app.

Description: GPS4Cam


Geotag your photos

Log locations with photoGPS

1.    Software installation

First you need to install the software CD that is included in the box. Insert it into your computer and it will launch your browser and open a webpage. Click the ‘Installer photoGPS’ button, follow the instructions to begin installation and accept the terms.

Description: Software installation

Software installation

2.    Connect the device

Make sure you are connected to the internet and then connect the photoGPS to the computer using the USB cable. One connected, the Capture Device Tab in the top left of the dialog box will change from No Device Found to Device Connected.

Description: Connect the device

Connect the device

3.    Let it charge

The device has a rechargeable battery which charge when connected to the USB port. The red LED light will turn to green when completed. The clock must be set to the right time in order to work, so check it’s set correctly by clicking Configure Device.

Description: Let it charge

Let it charge

4.    Test the device

Once the clock is set and the device is charged, disconnect the photoGPS and slide it onto your camera’s hotshoe. Try pressing the shutter button and look for the LED light to flash green once to indicate it’s working (if not, see our troubleshooting guide).

Description: Test the device

Test the device

5.    Capture locations

You’re ready to start shooting, but bear in mind that your photoGPS works by receiving signals transmitted by satellites, so avoid walls and tall buildings that might interfere. Indoors, press the GeoHint button to tag the images based on earlier positions.

Description: Capture locations

Capture location

6.    Download your images

Download your photos, connect your photoGPS via USB and run the software. Press Import GPS Captures to process the images. When successful, the information will be displayed in green. Then, press Match Photos to assign the location to your images.

Description: Download your images

Download your images

Troubleshooting problems

The photoGPS works by receiving a trigger from the camera via the centre pin of the hotshoe. It’s a reliable gadget but should the following problems arise, here is a quick guide on how to solve the issue.


The device is on the hotshoe, but it’s not activated.

Description: The device is on the hotshoe, but it’s not activated.

The device is on the hotshoe, but it’s not activated.


The module is not connected properly if it doesn’t produce a single green flash when taking photos; try removing and replacing the device.


The software is showing a Communications Error box.

Description: Troubleshooting problems

Troubleshooting problems


The software relies on an internet connection to process the GPS captures and find the location, so check your internet connection and then press Retry.


Photos are not displayed in Google Earth.

Description: Photos are not displayed in Google Earth.

Photos are not displayed in Google Earth.


Google Earth does not support RAW files co if this is the format of your photos, you will still be able to see the positions in Google Earth but not the photos


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