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Price: $180

Ratings: 3.5/5

First impressions

AOC have a fairly good line-up of TVs, monitors and monitor TVs. To add to this line-up, they recently launched a fairly well-priced 19" LED TV that can double up as a PC monitor as well. Loaded with good connectivity options and a nice pleasing design, we naturally expect good things from it. I personally have seen my own family and friends use various AOC monitors on their PCs with a TV tuner card, and they enjoy the best of both worlds on it. So, can the LE19A1331/61 also perform the same way?

The new 19" LED TV from AOC

The new 19" LED TV from AOC


Easy set-up is always appreciated in Monitor TVs, but unfortunately the LE19A1331/61 had a stand with which we struggled a bit, but eventually were able to set it up. Design-wise, the unit is pretty decent - we would have preferred a slimmer bezel and a thinner profile, but at this price point that would be expecting a whole lot. The ports are well laid out at the back and for our testing we had it used as a PC monitor so that we can test out various streaming media and local full HD media as well. Since it is basically labeled as a TV, it comes as a fully functional remote control - which also explains a complete lack of buttons/dials and knobs on the monitor itself. That is great if you want to set it up as a TV and are comfortable using the remote control only, but is harder to get used to if you come from a traditional desktop using background. In any case, once we had the monitor (oops, TV) set-up with our cabinet- we were all set to have it tested. The clarity, brightness and sharpness of the picture was pleasing - but the viewing angles were not that great. Observing text on various apps like Photoshop also revealed that the sharpness in some smaller text and designs were not up to expectations. All these tests (via PC) were done with the VGA connector, so we tried with HDMI cables and ports - and the results were a lot better, but not perfect. Multimedia and gaming was a good experience - mostly because of lack of too many elements in the media itself. In the games which did have too many elements, the smaller ones weren't that sharp - though all the whole the experience was pleasant and there wasn't too much to complain about.

The LE19A1331/61 had a stand with which we struggled a bit.

The LE19A1331/61 had a stand with which we struggled a bit.


The ports are fairly well-laid out at the back of the monitor - 2 HDMI ports at the bottom and back of the panel. The other ports are well placed and laid out neatly laid out next to each other. There are also 2 USB ports, 1 TV RF input, 1 Video and Headphone output.


AOC have launched a fairly good prod­uct with some great features like Dream Surround Sound, USB Movie, Real Color Engine, PC Input and HDMI - all of which help in really adding more depth to the LE19A1331/61. It's an LED TV at a very affordable price, with additional ports for that much room to have a better viewing experience.


·         18.5" HD LED Screen

·         16:9 Aspect Ratio

·         1366x768 max resolution

·         USB Ports x 1

·         HDMI Ports x 2

·         170 degree / 160 degree viewing angle (H/V)

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