Vodafone Smart II - A Breakthrough Smartphone For The Mass Market

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The Vodafone Smart 2 costs just $105 and comes in grey or white. The company has upped the dreadful screen resolution of its predecessor and raised the specs.

Price: $105


Ratings: 2/5

Vodafone Smart II

Vodafone Smart II

It comes packing a 3.2-inch 480 x 320 pixel screen, replacing the old, pretty dire 2.8-inch 240 x 320 display of the original, and a 3-megapixel camera also represents an upgrade as well. There’s also 802.lln support that wasn’t there before, a slight raise on internal storage from 130MB to 150MB, and an 832MHz Broadcom processor in place of the old 528MHz model. It isn’t a great set of general specs, but it is a step forward.

The Vodafone Smart 2 is a small handset, although the chassis is a bit thick, at 12.35mm, but it is easy to reach across the 58mm of width for full screen usage one-handed. You probably won’t notice the 120g weight either.

The build is really solid - we couldn’t flex the phone at all in our hands. Its rounded edges look quite smart, though there’s nothing particularly different or alluring about the general design. Vodafone seems to have made all the right choices with regards to button placement on the phone. The headset connector is on the top alongside the main power switch, while the USB connector is on the bottom edge. The left edge is clear, while the right edge houses a volume rocker and a camera button.

The small screen can get busy, though

The small screen can get busy, though

With Android 2.3.5 running the show and this being a budget smartphone, you might expect the Vodafone Smart 2 to look quite familiar. But Vodafone has done a bit of skinning and provided a fair few widgets to help owners feel they’ve got something quite personal going on here.

The small screen can get busy, though. Right out of the box the main screen - one of five - is peppered with widgets, and as you scroll left and right there are more. We like the way Vodafone has made an effort to enhance Android in this way.

On the small screen

Screen size and quality is a bit of an issue. The screen is fairly small at 3.2 inches and, due to the low resolution, it can be tricky to see detail, and outdoors the panel is quite hard to read.

But the touch responsiveness is good, with the handset happy to move swiftly between screens and respond to taps. You might find if your hands are larger than a child’s that it can be difficult to hit smaller icons, though.

Baby steps: The Smart 2 is just a tiny step on from its predecessor

Baby steps: The Smart 2 is just a tiny step on from its predecessor

We weren’t fans of the original Vodafone Smart, and we can’t say the Vodafone Smart 2 does a lot to bring us on side. Yes it is small, yes it isn’t all that expensive, but we don’t think it is very good value. If we compare it to the slightly more expensive Orange San Francisco 2, which we thought wasn’t quite such a giant leap forward as its predecessor, the Vodafone Smart 2 falls down as being a less giant leap forward than its own predecessor.

If we were recommending a budget handset, we’d probably advise spending a little more if you possibly can and buying something like the HTC Wildfire S instead.


·         Cheap

·         Slight improvement on its predecessor


·         Gingerbread

·         Poor screen

·         Not very good value all-round


·         Height: 109mm

·         Width: 58mm

·         Depth: 12.4mm

·         Screen size: 13.2-inch

·         Weight: 120g


·         Supplier:

·         OS: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

·         Processor: Broadcom 832MHz

·         RAM: 512MB

·         Storage: 150MB

·         Expansion: microSD

·         Rear camera: 3.15MP

·         Front camera: No

·         Screen type: TFT

·         Screen resolution: 480x320


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