Guilt - Expense Summary

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It can be a good thing when it comes to money

Guilt makes it very easy to keep track of everything you spend with a smartphone, and quickly note down new entries as you make them. This offers the advantage of not only saving you time, but ensuring that you do not miss crucial entries which can affect your balance at the end of the month. There are many expense managers available for Android that can do all that we have described, but the majority miss one very important aspect of money management, which is the emotions that spending money brings. That may sound odd, but it is very easy to make a purchase and keep a note of it, and thus fool yourself into believing that you are managing your money. The problem here is that you are merely making a list which will have no positive effect on your finances at all unless you spend lots of time looking at reports and working out exactly where your money has gone. Many apps allow for this kind of analysis and are capable of producing detailed graphs and reports to study at your leisure, but the process is time consuming and ultimately quite a boring one to undertake.

The reports are color-coded to highlight unnecessary spending immediately

The reports are color-coded to highlight unnecessary spending immediately

Guilt is an expense manager that includes many of the features you would normally expect to see in such an app, but with a crucial difference. As the name suggests, it is designed to play on your emotions to help you figure out where your money is going and, more crucially, why you are spending on particular items. Every person has an emotional response when spending money and there are triggers that can cause them. It is not always the amount of money spent, but the object in question and the reason you are spending it. $525 on an electricity bill is a lot of money, but is also necessary. $15 in the coffee shop is a luxury that you probably don’t need, and thus you may feel more guilty in that instance. As you add new entries to Guilt, you have to also choose how guilty you felt at the time. There are five guilt values, color-coded ranging from green all the way to red to indicate your feelings at the time of purchase. Your choices not only show up in the list of individual items, but are also categorized in the reports section to show exactly how much you spent and the appropriate levels of guilt. This may sound like a novelty, but guilt when spending comes from buying things you do not need, and the reports clearly show which expenditure in particular made you feel guilty, and which items were unnecessary. Chances are that you will be able to quickly assess how to tweak your spending and make your list of transactions and the associated reports more green than red, which will benefit you financially in the long run.

You can share your expense reports via various services

You can share your expense reports via various services

“The reports clearly show how much you have spent”

All of the above is housed in a clean interface that makes the relatively boring process of managing expenses less dull, and every single navigation feature feels natural and efficient to use. The only potential criticism we could level at Guilt is that it could include more features in the reporting and exporting areas for those that need them, but that would be splitting hairs because it excels in every other area. The emotional twist is fantastic and ultimately everything about the app is above average. Whether you need more advanced functionality or not, Guilt still offers a pleasing experience that is likely to help you manage your money more effectively than a traditional expense manager. It’s time to experience some guilt.

Text is used to indicate your spending habits alongside graphs and numbers

Text is used to indicate your spending habits alongside graphs and numbers

An original expense manager with a clever emotional twist that really does work

Verdict: 5 stars

Platform: Android; iOS 4.0

Price: $1.99


·         Exceptionally clean display and easy to understand navigation

·         The guilt trick really works in making you think about your expenditure

·         Would benefit from more advanced features for some users

·         More exporting formats would be useful to share among devices

How to … Use the reporting features

1.    Tap the icon

From the main screen, tap the reporting icon at the top, which is represented by three descending lines. You will be presented with a weekly view of your personal expenses.

2.    The past month

Tapping Month at the top will accumulate your expenditure for the current month to give a better idea of how much money you are wasting. Study the results carefully.

3.    The whole year

The best indicator of where your money is going will come from the yearly report, which builds into a more accurate record as time passes and the app is used more.

The best indicator of where your money is going will come from the yearly report

The best indicator of where your money is going will come from the yearly report

4.    The overview

Tap the people icon at the top to view a more detailed report on your expenditure. It even shows in plain English what the level of guilt you most frequently attain is.

5.    The summary

Tap the sharing icon at the top, and then choose your method. A simple sentence will be sent that will act as a reminder of how you should feel about your manic spending.

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