The Hit List - Comprehensive Task Manager

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This is the only app on test that carries an ongoing cost. You can buy the OS X and iOS versions outright, but to synchronize between them you'll have to pay an additional $2.41 a month, or $22.7 a year. Buy them both, with a subscription, and in your first year you'll have paid $90.83.

The excellent interface makes it easy to assign constituent tasks to a job

As it happens, that's exactly the same amount you'd pay if you bought the OS X, iPhone and iPad versions of Things 2. We reckon Things 2 is a bit too expensive by today's standards, and there's no getting away from the fact that The Hit List is even pricier, since the costs will continue through subsequent years (and don't include an dedicated iPad app).

Not that you should write off The Hit List. Its user interface is among the best here - beaten only by Wunderlist - and its tagging and deadline system is so simple that it'll take just a few seconds to fully catalogue every task on your list.

Tags are entered preceded by a slash, so 'Buy cheese /food/supermarket /home' would tag the task 'Buy cheese' with the three words following the slashes. If you later created a reminder to pack your passport, and added a tag by starting to type '/holiday', The Hit List would suggest '/home' as an autocomplete until you got as far as the 'I', at which point it would clear the suggestion.

Dates can be added using plain English descriptors such as 'today', 'tomorrow' or 'Friday', and recurring tasks can be set to repeat using terms like 'every other Monday'. Priorities are set with the number keys 1 to 9, and deadlines can be moved backwards and forwards a day using the left and right bracket keys. Overdue deadlines turn red.

Description: the OS X and iOS versions

Tasks can be organized Into projects, or set as the 'children' of 'parent' tasks. A parent task Is marked as complete once you tick the last of Its children. There's even a timer that lets you keep track of how long each task takes to complete, which will be useful if you bill on the basis of minutes or hours of work.

The Hit List is a very well thought-out and comprehensive task manager, and the keyboard shortcuts are a boon. But unless you need the advanced features, it's difficult to justify the up-front price, let alone the ongoing cost.


Price: $56.78


Price: $11.34


From: App Store




·         Easy tagging and due date entry

·         Timer

·         Sub-tasks


·         Subscription-based syncing

·         Expensive

·         Ratings: 3/5


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