Going pro - MacBook Pro with Retina display (2013)

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Up close with Apple’s premium notebook

MacBook Pro with Retina Display 2013



The dual-core Intel Core i5 and Intel Iris Graphics have done great things for the performance of the Pro, with everything you do – big or small – feeling sharper and smoother.


The Intel Core i5-3230M


A combination of smarter hardware and the presence of Mavericks means that the battery life of the Pro has improved too, now lasting up to nine hours on a single charge.

Thunderbolt 2 connections, so next-gen displays, like 4K, will link up seamlessly with the new Pro. Thunderbolt 2 provides twice the bandwidth of the previous MacBook Pro to each external device connected, making file management and storage movement very swift .The difference made by Intel Iris is really noticeable; and while the figures suggest a performance boost of up to 90%, personal experience is the best measurement. Fire up something like iMovie and you’ll be impressed at how easily the MacBook takes everything in its stride; it’s a space you want to work in. Running Mavericks alongside the new. hardware means that battery life has been significantly improved, with a full day’s work possible and still some juice left to spare, much to our delight. As we pointed out with the previous MacBook Pro, if you’re a photographer or filmmaker, the advantages of Retina display are as clear as the screen itself, with the vibrancy and life of colors more apparent than on any other notebook. Coupled with the increased performance that the Haswell processors bring to the new Pro, it becomes an even more appealing prospect because of the laptop’s ability to handle heavy-duty and performance-sapping apps like Final Cut so well, no matter where you and your MacBook are. Tie in the bulk that has been shaved off both in weight and size and you have something that easily fits into your bag without much disruption. When it comes to the actual design, the best things about the MacBook Pro still ring true – with the addition now of a screen that’s been on a diet and looks as though it belongs on a MacBook Air. The 15-inch version comes with impressive visual stereo speakers, pumping out some surprising sound for the size of the laptop.There is a fair argument that unless you are a serious creative, similar levels of performance can be found in a MacBook Air, but the Pro feels like a step up when you sit down with it. The sharpness that comes not only at the top-end when you’re in the midst of editing images or working with footage in 1080p, but also when you’re just moving around the desktop, is very prominent, and might just be enough to convince you to make the step up.



·         Processor type Intel Core i7

·         Number of Cores  4.0


·         Display size:15.4 inches

·         Display type: Glossy LCD with LED Backlight

·         Touchscreen: No

·         Aspect ratio:16:9


·         Graphics Type: Switchable

·         Primary Graphics Chipset            Intel Iris Pro Graphics

·         Secondary Graphics Chipset:2GB nVidia GeForce GT 750M

·         Graphics Memory 2.0 GB

·         Video Memory Type:GDDR5


·         Drive 1 size:512.0 GB

·         Drive 1 type: Solid-State Drive

Ports and Connections:

·         Available Interfaces

·         Thunderbolt 2.0

·         USB 3.0

·         Ethernet Type:10/100/1000 Mbps

·         Wireless connection:

·         802.11n

·         Bluetooth


·         Memory type:DDR3

·         Memory speed:1600.0 MHz

Storage Media:

·         SD card: SDXC Card

Other Features:

·         Devices

·         Backlit Keyboard

·         Built-In Microphone

·         Built-In Webcam

·         Touchpad (Multitouch)

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