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Sony Vaio Tap 20 Mobile Desktop - Meet The Laptablet
Sony markets its Vaio Tap 20 as a mobile desktop, but you could say that about any portable computer. We think “laptablet” is closer to the mark. With its 20-inch display, the Tap 20 is both an oversize laptop and a gargantuan tablet. And it wouldn’t make any sense atall without Windows 8.
Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook Review (Part 3)
It would be wrong to say Windows 8 indicates the end of crapware, but if there are any unwanted kinds of software on your new system, at least it would be more discreet. In general, for systems with Windows 8, you will not find the shortcut randomly filling the screen when you first boot the machine up, and the PC manufacturers also seem to have given up trying to customize Windows add-ons such as Dell Dock and VAIO Gate.
Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook Review (Part 2)
The XPS 12’s Cypress Trackpad suffers from schizophrenia: it is smooth and reliable in Modern UI, but then stubborn and capricious in traditional desktop. We do not have any problems in the use of two fingers to scroll through the Live Tiles. The touchpad supports Windows 8 gestures, such as swiping from the right side of the pad to reveal the Charms Bar, or swiping from the left to switch between applications.
Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook Review (Part 1)
If you think that Dell's other XPS Ultrabooks are beautiful, you will like the XPS 12; it has the similar dome design to the XPS 13 and 14, of course except the touchscreen and the hinge which looks like an easel. Once again, Dell has adorned the lid in a cute carbon fiber weave – a feature designed to let you know that this is a really high-end system.
Samsung Chromebook - Is It Worth The Value Equation (Part 3)
No matter how cheap the Chromebooks are, they will always be a polarizing segment of product: there are some guys who cannot use a laptop that everything is done in the browser. That means $249 seems to be an appropriate price for this type of device - certainly more appropriate than $450, which is the price of the last generation model.
Samsung Chromebook - Is It Worth The Value Equation (Part 2)
The best thing about the Chromebook’s 11.6-inch 1366x768 screen is an anti-glare surface, which means that glare will not obstruct you in the next time when you're watching the "Modern Family" on Hulu.
Samsung Chromebook - Is It Worth The Value Equation (Part 1)
Whenever we evaluate Chromebooks, more or less, we always come to the same conclusion: it is a good idea, a computer that everything is done online, but it is not worth the value equation. That was time Chrome OS devices cost $500, competing with the netbooks that could run not only the Chrome browser, but also any all types of Windows applications.
Acer Aspire S7-391 Ultrabook
The S7 series is a poster-boy for Windows 8, showing exactly what Microsoft was looking for when it imagined its target hardware. Acer made it remarkably thin, light, powerful and stylish, just like Microsoft wanted.
Acer C7 Chromebook - An Inexpensive Chromebook
My opinion of Google's Chromebook concept was heavily influenced by the original Samsung Series 5, which I reviewed here in Micro Mart. I accept now that many things have changed since then, and Chrome OS is now a more mature experience.
PC Specialist Optimus IV - Is This The Ideal Notebook For Gamers On The Move?
Laptops are generally the preserve of the giants of the computing world, but British PC manufacturer PC Specialist is taking on the big boys with its own line of portables. The Optimus IV is a laptop designed to attract high-end gamers.
Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11 Hybrid Laptop
Yoga 11 looks quite similar to Yoga 13, though their specs are totally different. Particularly, Yoga 11 is built on ARM structure with SoC (system in chip) NVIDIA Tegra 3 plus Windows RT OS while Yoga 13 uses x86 structure, Intel Ivy Bridge and Windows 8 OS.
Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook - The Clever Convertible
Sleek, sexy and hardcore. Those are the only three words that came to my mind when I saw this 12 inch piece of heaven. Dell has never failed to impress me with their laptops and desktops, and when I found out about the XPS convertible, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.
Toshiba Satellite U925t Review (Part 3)
The U925t sold in one configuration on the Toshiba website: the same 1150 model we tested with Intel Core i5-3317U, 128GB SSD and 4GB of RAM. We are the fairly typical specs, in terms of Ultrabook, although some skilled users might complain that they were unable to configure it with a Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.
Toshiba Satellite U925t Review (Part 2)
The U925t’s two speakers are placed on the underside of the device, just below the place of laying the palm. As you may have thought, based on the size of the laptop and the location of the speakers, the sound never becomes very loud, even at the maximum settings.
Toshiba Satellite U925t Review (Part 1)
The U925t is not an exact counterpart (it has even no lid), but it has borrowed a number of important design elements. It also has a rough rubbery surface at the bottom and on the place for the palm rest. Like on the U845W, Toshiba used the dark brown color that is not worth being objectionable.
Windows 8 Hybrids, Tablets And Laptops (Part 7) : Acer Aspire S7, Sony VAIO T13
Sony’s first T13 Ultrabook was the first to dip below $1,535. Now the firm has added a touchscreen and 128GB SSD but has managed to keep the price remarkably low.
Windows 8 Hybrids, Tablets And Laptops (Part 6) : Asus VivoBook S200E
Pluck the Asus from its packaging, and it’s hard not be impressed. It’s unusually dapper for a budget laptop: the dark brushed-metal lid blends with rounded, soft-touch plastics on the underside, and the Scrabble-tile keyboard is surrounded by a light, silvery metal finish.
Windows 8 Hybrids, Tablets And Laptops (Part 5)
When Windows 8 first arrived, complete with its two very distinct personalities, most people thought immediately of tablets as the primary beneficiary and perhaps of Transformer-style hybrid devices next. By contrast, slapping a touchscreen onto a laptop seemed a cobbled together solution, one that wouldn’t really make the best of the radical new Metro interface.
Windows 8 Hybrids, Tablets And Laptops (Part 4) : Microsoft Surface with Windows RT
The flagship of the Windows 8 tablet movement is Microsoft’s own baby, and there’s no doubt it turned a lot of heads when it was unveiled last summer. Its detachable keyboards and kickstand made it look like a genuine do-it-all device: portable enough for use in tablet mode, yet usable as a laptop as well.
Windows 8 Hybrids, Tablets And Laptops (Part 3) : Sony VAIO Duo 11, Toshiba Satellite U920t
As hybrid hinge mechanisms go, the Duo 11’s has to be the most complex. Pull the lip at the rear of the screen upwards, and it swings quickly up in one smooth motion to reveal a compact keyboard underneath. It looks as good as it feels, and the matte-carbon case and metal keyboard surround are extremely sturdy.
Windows 8 Hybrids, Tablets And Laptops (Part 2) : Asus Taichi 21
Asus’s engineers have clearly been on a lateral-thinking course. Instead of producing an intricate hinge mechanism to turn the Taichi 21 from a laptop into a tablet, they’ve simply slapped an extra screen on the back of the lid.
Windows 8 Hybrids, Tablets And Laptops (Part 1)
The arrival of Windows 8 heralds the biggest change in the OS’s history. By blending old and new interfaces into one, accommodating touch at the same time as supporting a mouse and keyboard, Windows 8 has prompted hitherto cautious laptop manufacturers to dream up a wave of bold, new designs.
Dell XPS 12 - A Swiveling Good Start
Fans of the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook’s solid look and feel will be pleased to find much of the same on the XPS 12, albeit with a distinctive twist or swivel, actually. Coming with a swivel point at the middle of its bezel, the XPS 12 has a screen that flips around to transform the device into a more touch-friendly tablet as soon as you shut the lid.
Sony VAIO Duo 11 - The Notebook-Tablet Hybrid
The release of Microsoft’s touch-enabled Windows 8 OS sparked new and innovative notebook designs from the lot of computer manufacturers around the world, including the convertible form factor, which combines a notebook and a tablet into one device.
Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 - Convertible Laptop (Part 3)
Although it is Lenovo’s fault to include some floating software on the Yoga 13, it is not as many as that you can find on other Windows 8 laptops like Toshiba U925t. An application, Lenovo Transition, is really useful: it allows you to identify applications which will automatically operate on the full-screen in the tablet mode.
Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 - Convertible Laptop (Part 2)
Like any other loyal customer, Lenovo will remind you that the keyboard of the IdeaPad laptop series of the company is so different from any keyboard that you have seen in the ThinkPad series, but generally, they have some similarities: the same U-shaped “Smile” key, with the blank response and surprising amount of travel .
Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 - Convertible Laptop (Part 1)
Lenovo is approaching Windows 8 very seriously. The first generation of Windows 8 devices from this company includes everything, from a laptop-tablet to a classical convertible laptop with a swiveling display, and then comes the Yoga.
Lenovo ThinkPad Twist - The Old Form Factor Starting A New Life With Windows 8 (Part 4)
If you look at the past season products, you will find many traditional convertible, including several generations manufactured by HP. Now when we are in the era of Windows 8, we've seen very few PC makers announced anything like this - at least, nothing aimed at the business users.
Lenovo ThinkPad Twist - The Old Form Factor Starting A New Life With Windows 8 (Part 3)
At its center is a 12.5-inch touch screen. It is coated in Gorilla Glass, like many other monitors we tested recently, which means it can stand up well against scratches. The 350-nit brightness rating is above average for a laptop and indeed, especially the brightness cranked up, we do not have any problems when viewing the screen from strange angles.
Lenovo ThinkPad Twist - The Old Form Factor Starting A New Life With Windows 8 (Part 2)
Except a few minor changes, this is more or less a same 6 rows keyboard that Lenovo has used in the X230 and some other recent systems. At this point, at least 6 months after the company released its latest keyboard design, but we should summarize what's new, as we imagine some people are preparing to upgrade their old ThinkPad.
Lenovo ThinkPad Twist - The Old Form Factor Starting A New Life With Windows 8 (Part 1)
There was a time when "convertible computer" has only one meaning: a type of laptop has rotating screen that can be folded into tablet mode. However, Windows 8 was presented, this category becomes somewhat messy.
Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 - Convertible Laptop (Part 3)
Beside Lenovo Transition, you will find titles for Lenovo Support, Skype, Microsoft Office, AppUp store of Intel and Lenovo Cloud Storage, which are powered up by SugarSync. Windows 8 apps include eBay, Evernote and the music transmission service In terms of security, Lenovo has included the demo version for McAfee Security Advisor.
Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 - Convertible Laptop (Part 2)
The good thing of having many Windows 8 evaluating unit around is easy to compare every competitive touch screen side by side. Even when standing between so many competitors, Yoga 13 still looks pretty good. The 1,600x900, 300-nit IPS panels look considerably livelier beside other more moderate 1,366x768 displays, although it is not as impressive as the 1080p displays which operate on the XPS 12 and Acer Aspire S7.
Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 - Convertible Laptop (Part 1)
Lenovo is approaching Windows 8 very seriously. The first generation of Windows 8 devices from this company includes everything, from a laptop-tablet to a classical convertible laptop with a swiveling display, and then comes the Yoga.
Acer C7 Chromebook - What Is The Exchange For A Cheap Chrome OS (Part 2)
There is a big difference between LED backlighting 11.6inch screen, 1,366x769 pixels on both cheap Chromebook - Acer's screen is glossy when Samsung's is matte. In fact, this is the second Chromebook with a bright display (first is Acer's AC700).
Acer C7 Chromebook - What Is The Exchange For A Cheap Chrome OS (Part 1)
For many, the Chrome OS is an essential spice - you really have to live with it a few days to learn it. Although it's not for everyone, it is an attractive option once you understand the idea. Certain simplicity with cloud-based computing becomes clear once you start using a system designed to do just one good thing - what most people do: surf the Web
Lenovo Ideapad S400 - Attractive Design And Affordable Price (Part 2)
Lenovo IdeaPad S400 use the 3rd-generation 1.8GHz Intel Core i3-3217U microprocessor, 4GB RAM and 5400rpm 500GB HDD, which can handle most of everyday ’s tasks such as surfing web, accessing the social networks, running app like Office, watching movies, listening to music…
Lenovo Ideapad S400 - Attractive Design And Affordable Price (Part 1)
Lenovo IdeaPad S400 offers users essential features for a thin and lightweight portable laptop with stunning design and reasonable price. With the starting price only from 455 USD, Lenovo IdeaPad S400 (14 inch) is equipped with Intel Core i3 processor, high-speed USB 3.0 port and 720p webcam... allowing users to use it well for all daily tasks at the office.
10 Best Laptops Of Lenovo
Laptops of Lenovo have been famous with good keyboard and high durability. Not only remain and improve these strong points, Lenovo, recently, has also showed their improvements on other sides. IdeaPad Yoga expressed creation and impression in design, ThinkPad Xi Carbon with gook-looking and attractive design with surprising thinness while it is still durable relying on carbon fiber.
13inch Acer Aspire S7 - Excellent Ultrabook But Poor Battery Life (Part 3)
If you are curious about the smaller 11-inch figure, it is lighter as you expected (2.29 pounds vs. 2.86 pounds), although it is actually a bit thicker, with thickness of 0.48 inch. Acer is only providing one configuration in the U.S.: the $1200 system with Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB RAID 0 storage and 3790mAh battery lasting 5 hours.
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