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MSI GX60 Review - Radeon HD 7970M In A $1,200 Gaming Notebook (Part 6)
Absolution is the contrary of Sniper Elite V2 when it comes to the use of resources. In the game's preset test, thousands of NPCs are animated throughout the scene. The resources needed to animate these non-player cartoon characters means that the GPU may have to wait for CPU to complete.
MSI GX60 Review - Radeon HD 7970M In A $1,200 Gaming Notebook (Part 5) - Black Ops II, Battlefied 3, and Sniper Elite v2
The GX60 does not have any problems with frame rates in Black Ops II, in addition to a relatively obvious platform bottleneck. Even at the highest setups, the Radeon HD 7970M does not seem to have any problems to catch up with the GeForce GTX 680M.
MSI GX60 Review - Radeon HD 7970M In A $1,200 Gaming Notebook (Part 4)
The synthetic and gaming tests are done on the MSI GX60, Razer Blade R2, and Alienware M18x. The Blade utilizes GeForce GTX 660M mobile GPU of Nvidia, whereas the M18x deploys an Nvidia GeForce GTX 680M. The 7970M and GTX 680M stand for the fastest mobile graphics modules currently available.
MSI GX60 Review - Radeon HD 7970M In A $1,200 Gaming Notebook (Part 3)
Six Phillips screws and numerous plastic caps attach the underneath shell to the MSI GX60. Once you have removed, you will have easy access to the mSATA SSD RAID array, GPU, RAM, CPU and 2.5-inch hard drive.
MSI GX60 Review - Radeon HD 7970M In A $1,200 Gaming Notebook (Part 2)
The exterior design of the GX60 makes it seem like every important assembly was processed by separate groups without much collaboration between them. The cover is glossy and oblique, with a very nice sparkle and a large inset MSI logo that produces a bright white glow when the screen is switched on
MSI GX60 Review - Radeon HD 7970M In A $1,200 Gaming Notebook (Part 1)
GX60-series laptop from MSI is currently in our lab. Equipped with Radeon HD 7,970M graphics, a 15.6-inch screen, and triple-screen output, 3, this is really a desktop replacement.
Sony Vaio Duo 13 - Major Improvement For The Windows 8 Slider (Part 1)
When Sony’s Vaio Duo 11 slider released late last year, its powerful performance and vivid HD screen were not enough for us to ignore a flawed design and unimpressive battery life. The Duo 13, just unveiled at Computex; there seems to be a great second effort.
Sony Vaio Duo 13 - Major Improvement For The Windows 8 Slider (Part 3)
The Duo 13 may be different from the Duo 11 in some respects, but its pre-loaded software is not one of them. You will find many of the similar applications, including Hulu Plus, Skype and Slacker Radio. Unfortunately, Kaspersky Now is also present here, and it is also an annoying thing as it was on Sony’s last-generation computer.
Sony Vaio Duo 13 - Major Improvement For The Windows 8 Slider (Part 2)
The VAIO Duo 13 takes the 1,080p IPS touchscreen of the Duo 11 and improves it with Sony’s Triluminos technology, which was first released in Bravia TV series and is also in the VAIO Pro lineup that has just been announced. The screen is as bright as you would expect, and the viewing angles are wide.
Sony Vaio Pro 11 New High-End Ultrabook Review (Part 4)
It comes to traditional desktop software, Sony put into ArtRage Studio, which you will actually find on any touch-screen computers of Sony this season. Similarly, Sony is packaging of its own multimedia application suite on every PC coming up, with that the full package costs about $200.
Sony Vaio Pro 11 New High-End Ultrabook Review (Part 3)
Whether the Pro 11 is likely to represent Haswell Ultrabooks or not in general remains to be seen, but we know this: there are not any measures that the Pro could be considered slow. It starts in seven seconds, which is a little faster than the other Ultrabooks, and its SSD offers the maximum read speeds up to 558MB/s on average.
Sony Vaio Pro 11 New High-End Ultrabook Review (Part 2)
Sony said that Sony’s island-style keyboard provides more mobility than on the Z series that was discontinued, which is indeed quite flat. (At that time, we recognized that typing on it was like walking in flip-flops. You may have taken notice that we have a similar thing here).
Sony Vaio Pro 11 New High-End Ultrabook Review (Part 1)
If you have ever read the comments section at Engadget, you learn that it is possible to develop a fanatical loyalty to a brand. However, with one particular product? And a laptop, that's pretty rare. But the Vaio Z was not a normal laptop. For many years, it has been Sony’s flagship ultraportable, with the lightweight design, the leading specifications and a subtle carbon fiber weave.
HP Pavilion Chromebook - A Cheap, Basic Google Laptop With A Big Screen
The web-only nature of ChromeOS can seem radical, but it's easy to use and the available range of web-only programs – called web apps – is surprisingly good. There are some surprisingly usable apps for tasks such as editing photos and videos, and there are plenty of games too. Some of these apps work it you don't have an internet connection, which hasn't previously been the case with ChromeOS.
Samsung ATIV Book 7 - Flagship Ultrabook Released Right Before Haswell (Part 3)
ATIV Book 7 is available in only 1 configuration in America: $1,060 model we have checked, with Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD. Samsung will no longer debate whether it has a computer upgrade to Haswell or add the additional configuration options, like a Core i7 CPU or 256GB SSD.
Samsung ATIV Book 7 - Flagship Ultrabook Released Right Before Haswell (Part 2)
ATIV Book 7 has 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD which are created by Samsung, built-in Intel HD 4000 graphics and Ivy Bridge Core i5-3317U processor running at 1.8GHz. besides the SSD, that’s the same technical specs you will find on lots of recently Ultrabooks, even MSI Slidebook S20. So it’s nothing to be surprise that it provides the almost same scores in everything from PCMark7 to the graphics tests such as 3DMark.
Samsung ATIV Book 7 - Flagship Ultrabook Released Right Before Haswell (Part 1)
If you’re waiting for Samsung to refresh the last year’s Ultrabook Series 9, don’t hold your breath: except for the recently update to 1,080p res, basically it’s the same. However, that doesn’t mean that Samsung is severing the relationship with ultraportable: recently the company has started to release Series 7 Ultra (currently called ATIV Book 7), releasing for the first time at CES.
Laptop Buying Guide - Winter 2013 Versions (Part 5)
Razer is fast, powerful and incredibly slim for one 17 inch laptop (0.88-inch thick and just 6.6 pounds). It is also expensive with the latest version starting with $ 2,500 (you can buy last-generation model with price $2,000). So, obviously you will not have what it is worthwhile your money here, but if you insist on thin form factor and high performance and can compromise on price, this could be something for you.
Laptop Buying Guide - Winter 2013 Versions (Part 4)
At some point, Dell XPS 15 common laptop is amended to look like XPS 13 and 14 Ultrabook. And that's a good thing: we always prefer comfortable keyboard and high-level design of them, which mixed sturdy metal and hard surface. However, one thing does not change: this is still a fairly large screen laptop with a focus on strong performance.
Laptop Buying Guide - Winter 2013 Versions (Part 3)
For a long time we had fun when designing the Series 9 - 15 inch model in particular, with 0:58 inch thick, is the thinnest laptop we know in this size range. Series 9 can be redesigned soon, but we find that Samsung introduced it in new colors at CES we think that it can be attached to that ID in a long time.
Laptop Buying Guide - Winter 2013 Versions (Part 2)
Yoga 13 is the first Windows 8 convertible computer to release and it is still one of the best computers. Sure it's not perfect (five and a half hours battery life slightly disappointing) but generally it wins high marks for its lightweight design and comfortable typing experience. However, the flexible form factor makes it stand out like that.
Laptop Buying Guide - Winter 2013 Versions (Part 1)
With Surface Pro not released, we can only think of one laptop/tablet hybrid running fully fledged laptop grade processor inside. That would be the Acer Iconia W700, which is designed primarily for the businesses who would carry between home and office. Rather keyboard dock, W700 comes with a base that allows you to build up the tablet in straight or horizontal mode.
Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook - No Nonsense
While it may seem that the Ultrabook frenzy has died down to a calmer rush (which it kind of has) there are still new products hitting the shelves. One of the companies that are pushing ahead with the concept is Acer, who is doing some pretty things with their Aspire Ultrabooks. The S7 is a great example, as it shows numerous, innovative ideas in a sleek, easy-to-carry package.
Lenovo ThinkPad Twist - An Ultrabook, A Tablet, A Notebook, And More
Since the ultrabook twists around a hinge located at the bottom of the screen in the middle, in Tablet mode you end up with the screen covering the keyboard, and luckily not as is the case with the Lenovo Yoga, with the keyboard exposed at the bottom. The Tablet mode comes in handy when you want to read books on Kindle or just browse the web.
MSI GT70 Dragon Edition Gaming Laptop Review (Part 3)
If you own review, GT70 Dragon Edition has no other configuration, providing only one complete, $2,800 computer with 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M graphics, 32GB of RAM, three 128GB SSD in RAID 0 and a 1TB hard drive. However, if you view it as a top option in the full line GT70 of MSI, suddenly you have the choice.
MSI GT70 Dragon Edition Gaming Laptop Review (Part 2)
When consumers buy a 17-inch gaming laptop, the battery life is not usually top of their list: raw power is important. Therefore, we were surprised to see Dragon Edition MSI GT70 had plenty of both. Not only does it run most games we tested, but it also survives the test in standard battery for four and a half hours – longest lasting gaming machine at this size we've ever tested.
MSI GT70 Dragon Edition Gaming Laptop Review (Part 1)
One of the most powerful gaming laptop of 2012 had to be GT70. Like this computer type, it's huge, heavy and oversized - but it obscured many of the biggest faults of this item by being designed superbly, surprising long lasting and have new best amazing technology: Ivy Bridge CPU. It is a good computer, so do not surprised that MSI is hoping to a performance again.
Toshiba Kirabook - Toshiba Attempts To Refresh With A Premium Ultrabook (Part 3)
And indeed that’s something regretful because the raw testing score of Kirabook is glowing. With 2GHz Core i7-3537U CPU and 8GB RAM, it can reach the score in the 5000 range in PCMark7 and 3DMark06, with startup time of about 10 seconds. I/O speed is also flagship, with read/write speed reaching their max of 553MB/s and 500MB/s.
Toshiba Kirabook - Toshiba Attempts To Refresh With A Premium Ultrabook (Part 2)
With 13.3 inch, 2,560x1,440 screen, Kirabook is the first ever Windows laptop with the screen that is sharp enough to challenge Retina MacBook Pro and Chromebook Pixel. It’s a huge opportunity for Toshiba and indeed, it largely has prominent watching experience. The films look amazing, colors are vibrant and the 220ppi screen is as sharp as you expected, which means that you will see no sign of pixelation at natural res.
Toshiba Kirabook - Toshiba Attempts To Refresh With A Premium Ultrabook (Part 1)
Toshiba is not a new comer on the laptop filed – it has been creating them for decades – but for some reason, American consumers don’t seem to trust the company with the premium products. 400 USD, may be, but for a laptop for designers? An Ultrabook, no less? It’s certain that Toshiba has image issue, and the leaders in Tokyo know that.
Asus Transformer Book Detachable Ultrabook Review (Part 4)
When Asus first unveiled the Transformer Book series one year ago, we got the impression that it will be available in in 11-, 13- and 14-inch screen sizes. Apparently, someone high up in the pecking order decided that would be a bad idea, because the company is only selling 13-inch model, and in one configuration.
Asus Transformer Book Detachable Ultrabook Review (Part 3)
The Transformer Book runs off a 1.9GHz Core i7-3517U processor, the same one used in various Ultrabooks that went on sale last fall, like the Acer's Aspire S7 and the Asus' Taichi 21. In addition, it has 4GB RAM, 128GB SanDisk SSD drive, and of course, Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated.
Asus Transformer Book Detachable Ultrabook Review (Part 2)
If you have owned or played with a Zenbook Prime before, you would know what to expect with the Transformer Book: it has basically the same backlit keys as ASUS' earlier offerings (everything after the original UX31). For some time now, these keyboards have had plastic, not metal, buttons, with a good deal more travel than they used to.
Asus Transformer Book Detachable Ultrabook Review (Part 1)
For a while, it seems that Asus' Transformer Book has been turned into vaporware: after debuting to much fanfare, it encountered numerous delays, and even missed the crucial holiday shopping season. Now, it was finally here, priced at $1,499 with a Core i7 processor, a 13.3-inch screen (1080p) and a detachable keyboard dock housing both a spare battery and a 500GB hard drive.
Do-It-All Laptops: An Open And Shut Case
Tablet PCs may be all the rage these days, but when you want to get down to some serious emailing do some proper work or enjoy the latest immersive games, you need a laptop. The good news is that it's possible to buy a seriously high-quality laptop for only slightly more than the price of a tablet.
Google Chromebook Pixel - A Handsome Laptop
It's the Tesla Model S of laptops after almost three years, it’s still difficult to explain to Techno-Newbs just what the hell Google's Chrome OS and Chromebooks are exactly.
Samsung Series 9 - Ultra Thin & Lightweight Laptops
When Samsung’s Series 9 arrived on the scene, it was a revelation. Combining outstanding build quality with a svelte, millimeter-perfect figure, it had only one weakness: its price. Now, the Korean manufacturer has revisited its premium Ultrabook, trimmed the specification and cut the price to only $1,134 inc VAT.
Acer Aspire R7 - A Flexible Form Factor With A Reasonable Price (Part 2)
The 1080p, 15.6inch touchscreen is so wonderful for watching Netflix and surfing the web. Colors look accurate and documents look clear, just like it should be. The LED-backlit display provides good view-angel thanks to the IPS technology. We encounter no issue from either the far left of the right of the center.
Acer Aspire R7 - A Flexible Form Factor With A Reasonable Price (Part 1)
If we heard anyone tell that Acer will introduce an innovative solution on the Windows 8 convertible, we might laugh out loud. After a long time doing reviews on devices which is slidable, twistable, bendable and detachable, we thought we would be confident enough to come up with the conclusion that we have experienced all possible form factors, but the Aspire R7 has just proved that we were wrong, and we are actually very glad.
Samsung NP540U3C-A01UK - Small And Fashionable Windows 8 Ultrabook
As Windows ME, Windows, and series of Star Trek are numbered weirdly, Windows 8 is not able to appeal impression for many critics. However, touch screen of this Samsung laptop may be enough to change some points of view.
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