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MacBook Pro With Restina Display
Apple is well established as the laptop manufacturer of choice, but the Retina series proves it isn’t resting on its laurels. These machines, available in 13 and 15in screen sizes, are highly capable solidly built, yet slim and light enough to carry everywhere.
Going pro - MacBook Pro with Retina display (2013)
The dual-core Intel Core i5 and Intel Iris Graphics have done great things for the performance of the Pro, with everything you do – big or small – feeling sharper and smoother.
Lenovo Miix - A Tablet With A Powerful Quad-Core Processor
The Miix is a 10in tablet - or 10.1, to be precise - and runs the 32-bit version of Windows 8. It has an attractive IPS display that looks bright and colorful, and works well for watching video or browsing the web. The resolution is only 1366x768, but that's fine for a screen of this size and the brightness of the IPS panel ensured that the image remained clearly visible even when we held the Miix up at all sorts of odd angles.
Gigabyte P35K - The 15.6”GIGABYTE Gaming Laptop
Until Razer launched its blade gaming laptop last year one had to make the choice of a laptop designed for portability, or one designed for serious gaming performance. The Blade delivered a degree of both, combining a thin and light design with some of the faster mobile components out there, wrapping it all up in a very slick, but costly, package.
Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2
While the two first-generation Surface models were peas in a pod physically, they’ve now gone their separate ways. Both new models are fitted with a dual-position kickstand, addressing one of our chief complaints with the original, fixed-position models, which were too upright to use comfortably on your lap. However, this is where the similarities end.
Venom BlackBook 17 - A Powerhouse Notebook Computer
Our first encounter with the Venom brand was with its Ivy Bridge-powered Blackbook 17, a beastly gaming/workstation machine that went straight to the top of the A-List. This model has now been updated to the latest in mobile hardware, along with some small changes to the chassis design, so we were eager to get it into the Labs and see what had changed.
Apple MacBook Pro With Retina Display 13in (Late-2013)
When portability is more important than ultimate performance, the 13in MacBook Pro with Retina display is the tool for the job. Weighing less than 1.6kg, it's in true ultraportable territory, with state-of-the-art build quality, performance and battery life.
Asus MB168B+ - Portable Monitor
USB monitors haven't, up to now, had the best of times. Generally saddled with poor resolutions and lacking the hardware required to do justice to smooth movies and fast- changing games, they've remained niche products. However, with the 15.6in Asus MB168B+ their time may have come - it boasts high performance, and a resolution that can stretch right up to 1920x1080.
Keep Your Laptop Safe And Secure While You Travel
Your laptop is your pride and joy. It's your umbilical cord to the office. It's your entertainment at the airport and on the plane. You bring it everywhere you go. But there are all too many ways that it can come to harm. Follow these tips for laptop safety and security and you won't have to worry while you and your notebook are on the road.
Asus ROG G750JH - A Swift, Silent Superhero
The G750JH earned a mark of 435 on our WorldBench 8.1 test suite, coming in more than four times as fast as our baseline model, an Asus VivoBook S550CA. It's the second-fastest laptop we've tested, losing only to the similarly equipped Micro Express NB5720 gaming machine.
Origin’s EON17-S Is An Absolute Beast
This hulking desktop-replacement system is pretty sexy, considering it's an 11.25-pound monster. And that's without the 2-pound power brick you won't be able to ditch, because the E0N17-S gets only 2 hours of battery life on a single charge.
Sony VAIO Tap 11 Ultrabook - Sleek And Sexy
Sony has produced several Windows 8 tablets that double up as a laptop, but we’ve not been convinced by any of them, the company’s latest attempt is the Vaio Tap 11, which is very similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (see our review, Issue 410) and available in black or white, but the Tap 11 manages to be even less impressive than that mediocre computer.
Aftershock Halo - More Than An Ultrabook
This led Aftershock to develop the Halo, a notebook with Ultrabook-esque dimensions, but with some significant differences. Instead of the usual dual-core, 15W, Ultrabook CULV processor, the Halo packs a 45W, full-voltage, quad-core mobile processor in the form of the Intel Core i7-4750HQ, which runs at 2GHz.
Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13in Vs Samsung Ativ Book9 Plus
A small but increasing number of laptops now have super-high-resolution screens far in excess of 1080p. Two of the latest models that come into this category are the Apple MacBook Pro with Retina 13in and the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus, which runs Windows 8.1. Both are great laptops and give us a taste of what we can expect as these super-high-resolution screens become the norm on other, cheaper laptops in the future.
Boost Your Laptop’s Battery Life
Running out of battery power can be a regular annoyance, particularly for users of older laptops. Many of today’s portable computers have improved power management options as well as longer-lasting battery packs, but you don’t have to upgrade to an expensive new PC to extend your battery life.
Dell XPS One Touch 27 - An All-In-One Laptop Which Can Make Us Love Windows 8 (Part 4)
XPS One 27 of Dell is not a workstation computer. But the versatility in supporting the premium processor turns this all-in-one Core i7, 16GB, SSD-cache computer into a beast in the non-gaming apps. With the “gigantic” 27 inch 10-point touch screen, it can even be a perfect product for the cooperative creation.
Dell XPS One Touch 27 - An All-In-One Laptop Which Can Make Us Love Windows 8 (Part 3)
Our mono-threaded audio-encoding tests don’t get the benefits from the Hyper-Threading tech of Core i7, but we think slightly higher speed of XPS One will take it to the top. Rather than that, we see the best the system can do is equal to Core i5 of an $800 PC.
Dell XPS One Touch 27 - An All-In-One Laptop Which Can Make Us Love Windows 8 (Part 2)
XPS One 27 may be a simple concept, but the combination between desktop processor and laptop graphics make it hard for you to classify it from the comparing point of view. The most recent laptop model we tested recently is a monster based on Sandy Bridge-E and equipped with SLI – it’s not a fair fight. And that review used the old hardware.
Dell XPS One Touch 27 - An All-In-One Laptop Which Can Make Us Love Windows 8 (Part 1)
Windows 8 represents the first eager effort of Microsoft to bring hand-set users back to the desktop computer, where they can find lots of internal storage and lots of computing source to be more productive, creating the content and playing games in a truly covered environment. A 5 inch screen can’t compare to 3 1,920x1,080 screen for any mission.
Sony Vaio Fit 15 - A Fast Laptop With A Good Quality, High-Resolution Screen
Most 15in laptops are stuck with screen resolutions of 1366x768 pixels, but the Vaio Fit’s 15in screen has a much higher resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. This extra space makes working simultaneously on multiple documents and programs much easier than on a lower-resolution screen. It’s reasonably bright too, with good color accuracy and contrast.
Zotac GeForce GTX TITAN AMP! Edition 6 GB And TITAN Graphics Cards (Part 3)
The Cloud Gate of 3DMark does not show the entire capacity of the two Titan cards, but two other scenes are very good feedback with the double ability of the graphics system. There is a 63% increased performance in Fine Strike when comparing to single Titan card. In Fine Strike Extreme, the number amounts are to 74%.
Zotac GeForce GTX TITAN AMP! Edition 6 GB And TITAN Graphics Cards (Part 2)
People who build SLI with two GeForce GTX Titans will certainly have a 1,000 watts power of a few lines of Platinum, but it turned out such a configuration can be easily recharged by a PSSU 800W. And we are talking about the maximum load. In most other tests, the power consumption of this configuration is 710 to 730 watts.
Zotac GeForce GTX TITAN AMP! Edition 6 GB And TITAN Graphics Cards (Part 1)
Zotac GeFore GTX Titan AMP! Edition 6GB is currently the fastest version with the GeForce GTX Titan cooler that is mass produced. Other brands also offer the versions with higher GPU frequencies, but they are also equipped with the liquid cooling. Zotac also has higher memory frequencies, before overclocking significantly about 10%.
Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Touch - A Slim, Premium Entertainment Laptop
The Z500 Touch is certainly no Ultrabook. Our review unit measured 30mm-thick when folded flat and weighed in at a hefty 2.7kg. That’s heavy even for a laptop with a 15.6in display and a built-in DVD drive.
Samsung Series 7 Chronos - The Thin And Powerful Laptop
The original Series 7 Chronos was very much a high-end laptop, costing around $1,350 with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, a discrete AMD Radeon GPU and impressive 8-hour battery life. This variation on the theme is a more modest affair, stepping down to an Intel Core i5 processor.
Chromebook Pixel - Small Laptop With The Size Of 13inch Macbook Air (Part 7)
Pixel creates 6.5 hours on Wi-Fi, beats Surface Pro a little, but additional capacity of larger batteries is exhausted by the screen to consume more energy. On LTE, Pixel has 4:08 hours, enough for a few hours at the cafe, but not enough for all day session.
Chromebook Pixel - Small Laptop With The Size Of 13inch Macbook Air (Part 6)
Chrome OS, as the entry of Google into the future of computing, there is relatively modest hardware. But in fact, even the slow Atom Chromebook through the silicon present in the iPad 4. But faster silicon and the fast browser never seem good enough.
Chromebook Pixel - Small Laptop With The Size Of 13inch Macbook Air (Part 5)
Consistent with the look and appearance of the body is the Pixel’s screen. The popularity of the larger "retina" screens left us pretty much HiDPI contents to view. It is quite strange when sitting near the laptop screen and completely unable to distinguish any individual pixels.
Chromebook Pixel - Small Laptop With The Size Of 13inch Macbook Air (Part 4)
Memory has long been a problem for Chromebook, but I do not understand why until recently. Of course incredibly high pixel number will not help things. To learn how they can cope with the problem we met Caesar Sengupta, product manager at Google for Chrome OS.
Chromebook Pixel - Small Laptop With The Size Of 13inch Macbook Air (Part 3)
Let’s spend a minute talking about the class icon. In every culture, certain things become luxurious when carrying value and importance beyond themselves. In the heroic ages, a scar denoted praiseworthy service in combat. Being Stout in the middle age was as good a symbol of wealth as the current Gucci bag.
Chromebook Pixel - Small Laptop With The Size Of 13inch Macbook Air (Part 2)
Pixel Chromebook is a cleverly cut suit. I am using a metaphor, but that's exactly what the design of Pixel evokes. The straight lines are simple but elegant. The color looks great on the simple white shirt, and perhaps be an orange silk tie. The simplicity of the design really has pixels for oversized feelings.
Chromebook Pixel - Small Laptop With The Size Of 13inch Macbook Air (Part 1)
PC market had been declining for some time. There is an argument that the movement to mobile negated the need of one consistent personal computer, but the exception someone has put all the desktops and laptops to live and work perfectly on tablets and smartphones.
Asus VivoBook S200E-C157H Touchscreen Laptop
In size, weight and overall flair the Asus can’t match more expensive ultraportable laptops - it lands as 1.5kg and measures 22mm thick, compared to the 1.1kg and 17mm of the 11in MacBook Air - but you can still pick it up with one hand and easily slip it into a bag.
Apple Macbook Air 11-Inch Mid-2013
Apple’s range of MacBook Air laptops has been incredibly influential. Almost every other computer manufacturer has attempted to match the Air’s design in their-own laptops with varying degrees of success. So, even if you’re not interested in switching from Windows to Apple’s Mac OS X. the latest 11in Air is worth looking at as an indicator of things to come from other laptops.
HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook - A First Chrome OS Attempt That Cuts Too Many Corners (Part 2)
The Pavilion 14 featured a 14-inch glossy screen with a resolution of 1,366x768 pixels. Considering the larger display is this Chromebook's top selling point, we'd hoped for better-than-average performance in this area. Unfortunately, HP chose one adequate screen. Brightness acceptable but contrast is mediocre.
HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook - A First Chrome OS Attempt That Cuts Too Many Corners (Part 1)
While it is quite thin and lightweight for a 14-inch laptop, the non-standard keyboard layout and antiquated track pad are deal breakers. Add a lackluster screen and a mediocre battery life you have a recipe for disaster.
MSI GX60 Review - Radeon HD 7970M In A $1,200 Gaming Notebook (Part 10) - Color Gamut and Accuracy, Monitor Rating
The LCD screen in the GX60 almost embraces the standard sRGB color gamut. It has very decent color response for greens and blues, although dark reds are not as lively. The screen is not a wide-gamut model, so it only embraces 72% of the AdobeRGB color gamut.
MSI GX60 Review - Radeon HD 7970M In A $1,200 Gaming Notebook (Part 9)
The main software that controls the GX60 is the S-Bar MSI. The lighter-colored icons located on the left are for configuring the function keys, accessing the Windows Accessory programs, Windows Programs, and MSI’s We Care. The darker-colored icons control the screen, touchpad, P1 custom launcher, ECO engine, webcam, Wi-Fi, sleep, brightness, and volume.
MSI GX60 Review - Radeon HD 7970M In A $1,200 Gaming Notebook (Part 8) - Battery life, AC draw, and charging speed
Battery life is the general capacity of the power source (in WH) divided by the power used. The GX60 has an 87Wh battery, so an average 15W load creates nearly six hours of longevity. Increasing consumption to only 5W is going to drop down to an hour of use.
MSI GX60 Review - Radeon HD 7970M In A $1,200 Gaming Notebook (Part 7)
Unplugging the power cord on the GX60 leads to a 50% reduction in performance from the GPU while the CPU still remains nearly unchanged. Although it seems like a big failure, remember that the GX60’s Radeon HD 7970M is still faster when using battery than Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 660m using AC power in full turbo mode.
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