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Seagate Slim Portable – Thin Mobile Drive
This 500GB model has size with only 9x125x74 mm and its weight is 160 grams, so you can put it in your bag and you don’t nearly feel it. There is a Mac version of drive that is formatted in HFS+ file of Mac and it has USB 2.0 configuration, but we checked USB 3.0 model. This model is formatted like a Windows NTFS drive.
SSDs: Solid And Reliable
There are many benefits to SSDs over traditional spindle drives – they are increasingly competitive on price, less vulnerable to damage from movement, offer quicker boost times and better performance overall.
Sandisk ReadyCache 32GB - Optimum Your Space To Cache
Flash memory’s fall in price made SSD cheaper and cheaper. Cache drives become even cheaper as they use less flash memory to improve performance in systems using hard drives. They use caching software which learns computing habits and your favorite programs then saves important files for faster access.
Silverlight : Data Binding - Providing reasonable defaults for bound data
You want to provide some default binding behavior for data bound fields—such as formatting, null value replacements, or fallback values in case of input validation failure.
Silverlight : Data Binding - Controlling Updates
The default behavior of most Silverlight controls is to send the updates occurring as a result of user edits directly to the bound property as soon as they occur. For instance, when you change the text in a TextBox, whose Text property is data bound in a TwoWay mode, the bound property is updated as soon as the user tabs out or focus is shifted somewhere else through some other means.
Silverlight : Data Binding - Validating Input for Bound Data
As you create UIs that are data bound to various controls in a TwoWay binding so that users of your application can edit the data, you often have the need for those edits to pass validation checks. And in the event one or more of those validations fail, you may want to capture the errors and display them to your users in a meaningful way.
Western Digital Black 4TB - One Of The Quickest Physical Drives
The design incorporates no less than five 800GB platters into the standard 3.5" form, with ten heads, dual actuators and 64MB of cache to keep things well oiled. The only downside to this configuration is the drive consumes more power, about 10.4 watts in operation, more than a typical 3.5" desktop hard disk - but, having that many platters does have the extra benefit of reduced wear and tear.
Samsung 840 SSD 250GB - Most Of The Good Things
If you're a regular Micro Mart reader, you might be thinking that I've already covered this product a few weeks back, but you'd be wrong. I did review the 840 Pro, but now Samsung has provided the more accessible vanilla 840 for me to chew on. The confusion isn't helped by the identical external appearance of the drive, which requires you to examine the label to confirm the precise identity.
SQL Server 2005 : Working with SQL Server Management Objects in Visual Studio (part 3) - Creating Backup-and-Restore Applications, Performing Programmatic DBCC Commands with SMO
The most common application that developers created with SQL-DMO over the years was a backup-and-restore application—sometimes for customers who do not have security access to the database and cannot use Enterprise Manager and sometimes for customers who need remote administration and verification.
SQL Server 2005 : Working with SQL Server Management Objects in Visual Studio (part 2) - Retrieving Server Settings
A task you might find yourself performing often with SMO is retrieving server settings of a particular SQL Server instance. You might have to create a Windows application like the one shown in Figure 5 or create a Web-based application to retrieve server settings and allow your users to modify SQL Server settings.
SQL Server 2005 : Working with SQL Server Management Objects in Visual Studio (part 1) - Iterating Through Available Servers
Depending on the type of functionality you need when performing your administrative tasks, you might have to programmatically enumerate a list of or iterate through available SQL Server instances.
SQL Server 2005 : Advanced OLAP - Roles
Perspectives and translations allow specific groups of users to see customized views of your cubes, but only real security settings can prevent users from seeing specific items in your physical cubes.
SQL Server 2005 : Advanced OLAP - Translations
Much like you do with perspectives, you define translations on their own tab in the cube designer, in a grid containing distinct rows for each object in the cube, with each translation occupying its own column in the grid.
SQL Server 2005 : Advanced OLAP - Perspectives
One hallmark of Analysis Services 2005 is its flexibility and accommodating nature. For example, the ability to have drillthrough actions, role-playing dimensions, and multiple fact tables allows you to use a single cube for a multitude of multidimensional and relational queries.
Oracle Database 11g : Installing Oracle - Install the Oracle Software
The Basic install will start up the database configuration assistant in order to create a database instance after installing the software. Certain configurations are not available, such as Automatic Storage Management (ASM), but the Basic install will install the default components without walking through the options.
Oracle Database 11g : Installing Oracle - Configure Kernel Parameters, Get Familiar with Linux
The default install of the Linux operating system has values set for the kernel parameters, but the Oracle requirements may need you to adjust these settings. This project will walk you through step by step to change the kernel parameters and show the values of these settings.
Silverlight : Binding Across Elements
You would like to data bind some property of a XAML element to a property on another element on the page or to a different property on the source element itself.
Silverlight : Converting Values During Data Binding
You are trying to bind to a data source and need to convert the source value to either a different type or a different value suitable for display in the UI.
Oracle Database 11g : Installing Oracle - Set Up the Operating System
After Linux is installed and rebooted, information screens walk you through the license information and an option to create a user. Taking this opportunity to create another user besides root is a recommended practice.
Oracle Database 11g : Installing Oracle - Research and Plan the Installation
Oracle provides some critical information needed for installing the Oracle software, both with the software itself and in the Oracle support site MetaLink notes.
Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 : Modifying SQL Server Parameters
Several SQL Server parameters can affect how well the SMS database will be managed. SQL Server self-manages most of these parameters—that is to say, you shouldn’t need to fool around with them.
Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 : Backing Up and Restoring the Database
You can back up the contents of the database and transaction log to a device such as a tape drive or to another file location on the server. The frequency of the backup is up to you, the SMS administrator.
ASP.NET 4 : Data Source Controls (part 3) - Handling Errors, Updating Records
Selecting data is only half the equation. The SqlDataSource can also apply changes. The only catch is that not all controls support updating. For example, the humble ListBox doesn't provide any way for the user to edit values, delete existing items, or insert new ones.
ASP.NET 4 : Data Source Controls (part 2) - Parameterized Commands
The record editor that you considered earlier offers an ideal example. Once you select a product, you want to execute another command to get the full details for that product.
ASP.NET 4 : Data Source Controls (part 1) - The Page Life Cycle with Data Binding, The SqlDataSource, Selecting Records
The SqlDataSource represents a database connection that uses an ADO.NET provider. However, this has a catch. The SqlDataSource needs a generic way to create the Connection, Command, and DataReader objects it requires.
Silverlight : Data Binding - Receiving Change Notifications for Bound Data
You have data-bound elements in your UI, and you want to enable change notifications and automatic refresh of the UI when the bound application data changes.
Silverlight : Binding Using a DataTemplate
You need to apply a custom UI to data and specify how various parts of a complex data structure are bound to various parts of your complex UI. You also need this representation encapsulated so that it can be reused across your application wherever the related data structure is employed.
SQL Server 2005 : Advanced OLAP - Partitions, Aggregation Design, Storage Settings, and Proactive Caching
Cubes are great, and having all that BI data in one place is convenient, but sometimes parts of your cube will have different demands placed on them than other parts. Analysis Services partitions allow you to slice your cube physically and use specific storage and aggregation settings that are appropriate to each subset of your cube’s data and the unique demands placed on it.
SQL Server 2005 : Advanced OLAP - Actions
You might have noticed a pattern emerging in our study of calculations and KPIs: Analysis Services allows you to store a variety of things in your cube that you could, if called upon to do so, create within your own application or queries.
SQL Server 2005 : Advanced OLAP - Key Performance Indicators (part 2) - KPI Queries in Management Studio
At this point, you should have a sense of the effectiveness of KPIs and the relative ease with which you can create them. The graphics might seem simplistic at first, but they make the data in your cube much more digestible and easier to understand.
SQL Server 2005 : Advanced OLAP - Key Performance Indicators (part 1) - A Concrete KPI, Testing KPIs in Browser View
The Browser View toolbar button is now selected, and form fields have disappeared, giving way to a new window. In the upper pane of this window you can specify a slice of your cube for which to view the KPI data; the lower pane displays your KPI data.
Oracle Database 11g : Database Fundamentals - Work with Object and System Privileges, Introduce Yourself to the Grid
As many have heard, the “g” in Oracle Database 11g stands for grid. Grid computing is a technology that allows for seamless and massively scalable access to a distributed network of diverse yet homogenous computer types
Oracle Database 11g : Database Fundamentals - Become Familiar with Other Important Items in Oracle Database 11g
Tables are made up of rows and columns, which are the basis of all objects in Oracle Database 11g. As applications interact with the database, they often retrieve vast amounts of data.
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 : Repeated-Value Data Binding (part 2) - Creating a Record Editor
The next example is more practical. It's a good example of how you might use data binding in a full ASP.NET application. This example allows the user to select a record and update one piece of information by using data-bound list controls.
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 : Repeated-Value Data Binding (part 1)
Repeated-value data binding works with the ASP.NET list controls . To use repeated-value binding, you link one of these controls to a data source (such as a field in a data table).
Microsoft ASP.NET 4 : Single-Value Data Binding
This section shows a simple example of single-value data binding. The example has been stripped to the bare minimum amount of detail needed to illustrate the concept.
SQL Server 2005 : Dynamic T-SQL - Dynamic SQL Security Considerations
Dynamic SQL is invoked in a different scope than static SQL. This is extremely important from an authorization perspective, because upon execution, permissions for all objects referenced in the dynamic SQL will be checked.
SQL Server 2005 : Dynamic T-SQL - Supporting Optional Parameters (part 4) - sp_executesql: A Better EXECUTE
Query parameterization, is the key to fixing both of these problems. Parameterization is a way to build a query such that any parameters are passed as strongly typed variables, rather than formatted as strings and appended to the query. In addition to the performance benefits this can bring by allowing SQL Server to do less work when processing the query, parameterization also has the benefit of virtually eliminating SQL injection attacks.
SQL Server 2005 : Dynamic T-SQL - Supporting Optional Parameters (part 3) - SQL Injection
Concatenating string parameters such as @NationalIdNumber directly onto queries can open your applications to considerable problems. The issue is a hacking technique called a SQL injection attack, which involves passing bits of semiformed SQL into textboxes in order to try to manipulate dynamic or ad hoc SQL on the other side.
SQL Server 2005 : Dynamic T-SQL - Supporting Optional Parameters (part 2) - Going Dynamic: Using EXECUTE
The solution to all of the static SQL problems is, of course, to go dynamic. Building dynamic SQL inside of a stored procedure is simple, the code is relatively easy to understand, and as I'll show, it can provide excellent performance. However, there are various potential issues to note, not the least of which being security concerns.
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