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Samsung 840 Pro And Samsung 840 SSDs Review (Part 2)
As manufacturing technologies get better, synchronous MLC NAND flash memory has made inroads in relatively inexpensive SSDs. We want to refer to the common types of flash memory whereas the Samsung 840 Pro uses quite rare 21nm MLC NAND flash with Toggle Mode 2.0 interface, which isn't expensive at all.
Samsung 840 Pro And Samsung 840 SSDs Review (Part 1)
Samsung offers very interesting SSDs. Some boast outstanding performance, others - are designed with inexpensive TLC NAND and comes with a very attractive price. And our tests proved all of this: we are ready to discuss what we saw when we got our hand on a Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB and Samsung 840 250 GB drives.
Storage Buyer’s Guide - SSD For The Masses (Part 2)
SanDisk is one of the largest manufacturers of flash memory on our little planet, yet their past SSDs have failed to match the leaders of the pack. The Extreme II is the company’s latest attempt to catch up, and it looks like SanDisk might finally be on to something.
Storage Buyer’s Guide - SSD For The Masses (Part 1)
Powered by SandForce’s ubiquitous SF-2281, Intel differentiates this SSD by the rigorous testing it performs on all of its products. If you’re looking for something that is going to last well past the Zombpocalypse, this is the drive for you. It’s also using Intel’s 20nm MLC memory, a relatively new type of flash memory that promises decent performance at more affordable price points.
Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme 256GB SSD - Absolutely Marvell-Ous
Marvell is making a bit of a comeback in the SSD world. Manufacturer of the controllers that make SSDs tick, it feel out of fashion a couple of years ago when SandForce took the top spot. However, drives like the M5 Pro Xtreme show that Marvell has learned its lessons and is well on the road to recovery.
Kingston SSDNow V300 Solid State Hard Drive (Part 4)
Universal PCMark 7 contains an individual standard disk system. It’s not a synthetic test, but it bases on the actual apps. This standard can create typical disk-using script and measure how fast the speed in which they’re completed for common tasks. Starting with 1.4.0 version, PCMark 7 drive tests the result of processing system without calculating any delay in the process of lining the commands.
Kingston SSDNow V300 Solid State Hard Drive (Part 3)
We use Anvil's Storage Utilities 1.0.51 to measure the spontaneous and consecutive write speed. The synthetic base point integrated onto this software provides an excellent overall review about the products by experimentally check a series of particular speeds of the testing SSD.
Kingston SSDNow V300 Solid State Hard Drive (Part 2)
Besides the lowered height, SSDNow V300 seems to have not more visual differences than its predecessor, SSDNow V +200. The cover is still made of metal with the tar finish having grey-like color. The large labels on the surface of the drive are designed in the same way. So, the product can be easily recognized as SSDNow belongings.
Kingston SSDNow V300 Solid State Hard Drive (Part 1)
You may be impressed that the hard state drive on LSI SF-2281 has been researched and tested from the inside out. However, Kingston has tried to advance a product which appearance is actually surprised in the most positive way.
Seagate Central - Family Media Sharing Including Backup (Part 2)
Having access to any content on any device from anywhere is great, of course, but not nearly as essential as regular backups. You can easily backup the computer running Windows or OS X, and you can also do the same with the pictures and videos you've posted on Facebook.
Kingston DataTraveler HyperX Predator 512GB - Super-Fast, Super-Cool, Super-Slick, Super Unaffordable
The Kingston DataTraveler HyperX Predator 512GB is unique in so many ways, but the one aspect that will turn most people's head is the price. At just under $1,057 including VAT, this is the most expensive USB memory stick I've ever reviewed in any publication by some considerable margin.
Crucial M500 480GB SSD - A Fast Enough SSD With A Big Capacity At A Competitive Price
Crucial doesn't normally make the quickest SSD drives. That crown wanders between Samsung, IBM and OCZ, and occasionally others. But what it generally does do is make drives that are fast enough, but also priced for a wider audience. That's what made the C400 very popular, and the M500 looks on first inspection to be a worthy replacement.
Here's How You Can Choose The Right Database For Your Business! (Part 2)
Acceptance of open source is increasing in all fields and this is also true for open source databases. Government legislation is also pushing the usage of open source technologies. Rai of EnterpriseDB asserts, “Because of the fact that database technologies have existed for a long time, they seem to offer a lot of functionalities.
Here's How You Can Choose The Right Database For Your Business! (Part 1)
Choosing a database is a long term decision and altering that decision later can be a difficult and expensive proposition. So, IT managers need to get it right the first time around.
Apache Cassandra The Crash-Proof Nosql Database (Part 2)
The data model for Cassandra is column-family-based, which resembles the design for relational databases using tables. In this case, however, the data model works in a fundamentally different manner to fixed-size columns.
Apache Cassandra The Crash-Proof Nosql Database (Part 1)
Cassandra uses so many components to build upon its complex architectural theory that it is really difficult to go through all the bits and pieces without missing anything. The terminologies discussed here are those that provide an insight into the inner workings of this database.
Buffalo MiniStation Slim 500GB External Hard Drive
The MiniStation Slim is pretty, too. Our review unit’s aluminum chassis had a classy matt black finish; Buffalo also manufactures the drive in red and metallic grey. The MiniStation feels surprisingly sturdy for a device so small, with no perceivable flex in its panels.
Icy Dock ICYRaid MB662U3-2S Dual-HDD Enclosure
External hard drive enclosures are nothing new, and they provide a cheap way to turn an old hard disk into portable storage. The new ICYRaid MB662U3-2S from Icy Dock, however, is a little special. Not only is it USB 3.0 enabled and capable of holding dual 3.5" drives, it can also run them in RAID arrays.
Midrange SSD Mayhem: Samsung And Corsair Go At It Once Again (Part 2)
By now, you've probably heard of the Samsung 840 Pro - it's the new fat cat in town in the SSD world, and sits atop our benchmark charts lazily cleaning itself while peering down at all the other SSDs clamoring to take its place. That drive is redonk, but there's only one problem - it’s quite expensive at $250.
Midrange SSD Mayhem: Samsung And Corsair Go At It Once Again (Part 1)
The Corsair Neutron is a slightly detuned version of the company's Kick Ass award-winning Neutron GTX SSD. It shares the GTX's all-new Link A Media Device (LAMD) controller, the same slim 7mm form factor, and the same five-year warranty, which is as good as they get these days.
OCZ Vertex 4 (256GB) - Hitting The SSD Sweet Spot
OCZ might be pushing its Vector and its home-made controller, as its current enthusiast drive of choice, but that doesn’t mean its older products are worth overlooking. The Vertex 4, with its powerful specification, is at the front of the queue.
Samsung 840 Series Pro 256GB 2.5 Inch SATA Solid State Drive
Samsung has made good inroads into the SSD market over the past couple of years, with its highly regarded 830 series of drives followed by the popular 840 product. Its latest drive, the 840 Pro, is its most exciting yet, but it’s also got a hefty weight of expectation across its aluminum shoulders.
SanDisk Ultra Plus 256GB - The Cheapest High-End SSD
SanDisk hasn’t been known for producing high-end SSDs, instead concentrating its efforts on the mainstream segment of the market. Its new drive, the Ultra Plus, has a high-end name, but it costs just $220, or 61p-per-gigabyte. That makes this 256GB part the cheapest on test.
Western Digital My Passport 2TB - The Ideal Companion For Anyone
Western Digital’s My Passport has the biggest capacity here, at 2TB, but it’s not exactly flashy. Its plastic enclosure makes barely any concession to style and, at 230g in weight and 21mm thick, it can’t compete with some of the slimmer and lighter models in offer in this test.
Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB - A Fast Performing SSD
It seems that 256GB is the current sweet spot when it comes to SSD capacities, with this size on offer in four of this test’s six drives. Corsair’s Neutron GTX is the firm’s latest high-end drive, and it’s the most expensive 256GB SSD on test at $282.
OCZ Vector 256GB - One Of The Dominant Names In SSD
This $263 drive isn’t just notable for being OCZ’s latest high-end bit of kit; it’s also its first drive to use a genuine Indilinx controller since OCZ bought the boutique chip maker. Previous OCZ drives have used Marvell parts that had been branded Indilinx, but the Barefoot 3 is home-grown silicon.
ADO.NET Programming : Microsoft SQL Server (part 4) - Working with Typed Data Sets
All the data sets we have worked with thus far have been undefined until runtime. That is, not only are their instances not created until runtime, which is true of any class, but their very structure—what tables constitute the data set, what columns constitute the tables—is not specified until runtime.
ADO.NET Programming : Microsoft SQL Server (part 3) - Using Stored Procedures with DataSet Objects
Stored procedures can be specified in the CommandText property of the command objects that reside within a data adapter; that is, the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE commands.
ADO.NET Programming : Microsoft SQL Server (part 2) - Using SQL Server Stored Procedures
A stored procedure is a procedure that is written in SQL, stored in a SQL Server database, and executable by a client program. It can have input and output parameters and returns an integer value.
ADO.NET Programming : Microsoft SQL Server (part 1) - Connecting to SQL Server, Creating Command Objects
We use essentially the same connection class to connect to a SQL Server database as we used to connect to a SQL Server CE database, although the connection classes reside in different namespaces and have slightly different names.
SQL Server 2008 R2 : Database Maintenance - Executing a Maintenance Plan
Maintenance plans that have been scheduled run automatically according to the schedule defined. You can also run maintenance plans manually by right-clicking a maintenance plan and selecting Execute or by selecting the SQL Server Agent job associated with the maintenance plan and starting the job.
SQL Server 2008 R2 : Database Maintenance - Managing Maintenance Plans Without the Wizard
You can create or modify maintenance plans in SQL Server 2008 without using the Maintenance Plan Wizard. To create a new maintenance plan without the wizard, you right-click the Maintenance Plan node in the Object Explorer and select New Maintenance Plan
SQL Server 2008 R2 : The Maintenance Plan Wizard (part 2)
Maintaining indexes and statistics is essential in most database environments, including those that have frequent changes to the data. These changes can cause tables and their indexes to become fragmented and inefficient.
SQL Server 2008 R2 : The Maintenance Plan Wizard (part 1)
The Maintenance Plan Wizard is a tool that is available in SSMS. It provides an automated means for creating the basic tasks needed to maintain a database. It does not include all the tasks available for use in a maintenance plan but is a great starting point that allows you to quickly generate the basic elements of a good plan.
SQL Server 2008 : Common performance problems (part 2)
The correct selection and maintenance of indexes are crucial from a query-performance perspective. Numerous unused indexes have a large maintenance overhead, and missing or poorly maintained indexes have a double impact on resources: additional disk I/O and a reduction in the available buffer cache.
SQL Server 2008 : Common performance problems (part 1) - Procedure cache bloating
Each time a query is submitted for processing, SQL Server assesses the contents of the procedure cache for an existing plan that can be reused. If none is found, SQL Server generates a new plan, storing it in the procedure cache for (possible) later reuse.
SQL Server 2008 : SQLOS schedulers, Wait analysis
SQL Server is a large and complex product with many interconnected components requiring access to common services such as memory allocation and process scheduling. In order to reduce the complexity of each of these components, the SQL Server architecture includes a layer responsible for providing common services.
MySQL for Python : Creating Users and Granting Access - Removing privileges in MySQL, Using REVOKE in Python
All administrative changes in MySQL are applied to MySQL's internal databases. Therefore, any change that is effected, only takes effect the next time MySQL needs to read those administrative tables. Consequently, users can still have access to databases or tables after the revocation statement has been issued.
MySQL for Python : Creating Users and Granting Access - GRANT access in MySQL
After creating a user account, one still needs to tell MySQL what kind of privileges to assign to it. MySQL supports a wide range of privileges (see the table of privileges on page 9). A user can only grant any privilege that they have themselves.
MySQL for Python : Creating Users and Granting Access - Removing users in MySQL, DROPping users in Python, Granting access in Python
As with creating databases and tables, the opposite of creating a user is to DROP. As we shall see, removing a user does not revert any changes that they have made to the database(s) to which they had access. If a user had the ability to create users, removing them will not remove the users they created.
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